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Sconce Light Daisy

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Color — French Ocher
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Sconce Light Daisy

Sconce light Daisy is a unique solution for wall decoration. 

This wall sconce lamp belongs to the collection of lampshades that are inspired by the shape of the flower Daisy. Lamp seems to be levitating on the wall thanks to a hidden wooden structure that is attached to the wall. Its sculptural form embellishes the space during the day because of its vivid colour obtained from natural, earth pigments. At night when the wall lamp is ON the light is accentuating its organic shape and fills the space with a delicate, non disturbing light ideal for relaxation. Moreover this sconce light can be placed on the wall with two other sconces from the same family: Alubia and Clover.


Lamp sconce is very lightweight and durable. It is handcrafted from pulped newspapers, ecologic, water based glue and wooden structure that is attached to the wall. In conclusion all these components, as well as the process of lamp formation, are environmentally friendly and ecological. 

Hardwired/With a Plug

Wall sconce by default is hardwired but you can get it also with a cord and a plug (2m of white textile cable), you can specify the option you need in the additional details of the order.


The bulb is not included, however you should use only LED bulbs up to 10W. This lamp requires a bulb with G9 ending.

Sconce light customisation:

If you wish to customise the colour of the lamp and colour or length of cable please drop us a line on our email at: We will be happy to help you.


  • 33cm height / 12.9inch
  • 33cm wide / 12.9inch
  • 9cm depth/ 3.5inch depth

Handcrafted in Spain

Sconce Light Daisy


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