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Paper mache lamp Jupiter

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Paper mache lamp Jupiter

Paper mache lamp Jupiter refers with its shape and colour to one of the planets of the solar system – Jupiter.

Lamp dominates with its size over the rest of the paper pulp lamps, as well as Jupiter- the largest planet in the solar system. Thanks to an ocher colour the lamp gives a pleasant and warm light. The interior of the lamp, when the lamp is on - seems to radiate the light - the walls of the lamp seem to be golden. Paper mache lamp Jupiter takes part of a collection of lamps connected by the common name "Copernicus".


Jupiter lamp is very lightweight and durable. It is handcrafted entirely from pulped newspapers and from ecologic, water based glue. In conclusion all these components, as well as the process of lamp formation, are environmentally friendly and ecological. 

Textile cable colours and LED bulbs:

This paper mache light shade is available with Cotton White cable (1 m). Moreover you should use only LED bulbs up to 20W hence the bulb is not included. This lamp requires a bulb with an E27 ending.

Paper mache lamp Jupiter customisation:

If you wish to customise the colour of the lamp and colour or length of cable please drop us a line on your email at: We will be happy to help you.


  • 50cm height / 19inch
  • 56cm diameter / 22inch

Handcrafted in Spain.

Paper mache lamp Jupiter


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