Table lamp Metamorfozis

Metamorfozis blue

desk lamp

Metamorfozis yellow

desk lamp

Metamorfozis navy blue

desk lamp

This series of wooden desk lamps is inspired by the metamorphosis produced by Nature and the intrinsic beauty of each moment of its mutability. Lampshades are made from paper pulp. Each lamp’s shade is a reflection, a trace of a plastic bottle deformed by heat. The deformation can be controlled only to a point – heated plastic lives its own life taking organic forms at the end.
The lamp’s base is made of wood (in the lower part painted with acrylic paint). Can be easily assembled and disassembled without tools and does not require nails. The height can be adjusted.
The lamp is supplied with colorful textile cable. Use only LED bulbs.
Dimensions: 40 cm height (high is adjustable) x 35 cm length x 20 cm width.


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