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Pendant Lamp Pluto

Pendant Lights

Copernicus collection of Paper Mache Lamps

Refers to the shape of the Planets of the Solar System: Jupiter, Pluto, Globe, Luna. Its “nucleus” the source of light, brings it to life. When enabled, we’ll see a glowing and full of light planet. Its structure – porous, irregular symbolizes soil – dry and cracked – was inspired by the paintings of Polish Grupa Nowohucka.

The material used for its creation – paper – is being destroyed, broken into tiny pieces, which, in hot temperature again links into a new, completely different entity. “Paper” can be later shaped in many different ways and in its final form brings an association with nature, its source.

Lamps are in 100 % recycled and eco-friendly. They are made with newspaper waste and cellulosic, water based glue.
Handmade in Spain.

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